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Butternut and Blue has published more than 90 titles since 1983. Many of these are out of print and command premium prices on the secondary market.

Item# BB3
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Title: Fighting Them Over, How the Veterans Remembered Gettysburg in the Pages of the National Tribune
Edited by Richard Sauers
Notes: 547 pp., 8 ½ x 11 size, Dust Jacket, Illus.

Product Description:
This important book contains 143 accounts of the campaign written by the men who were there. These articles cover all aspects of the campaign. It also contains illustrations that John Bachelder had intended to include in his history of the battle. Gettysburg Bookshelf # 90.

Item# BB10
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Title: The Gettysburg Campaign: A Comprehensive, Selectively Annotated Bibliography
Compiled by Richard Sauers
Notes: 703 pp., Over 6000 entries, Gettysburg Bookshelf, Limited to 300 copies (more than half of this limited print run is gone)

Product Description:
This marvelous, important reference work contains over 6000 entries, an order of battle that locates important manuscript collections, a section that lists Gettysburg publications by year, and a section of games. It also includes an annotated Gettysburg Bookshelf section in which 19 historians elect their favorite Gettysburg titles—a wonderful guide for Gettysburg collectors!

Item# BB4
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Title: The Iron Brigade at Gettysburg
Author: William Dudley
Notes: 15 pp., Wraps

Product Description:
This is a reprint of a very scarce booklet written by a member of the 19th Indiana Infantry. It chronicles the exploits of the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg.

Item# BB5
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Title: Lee at Gettysburg ... Commentary on Defeat
Author: Al Gambone
Notes: 340 pp. dj photos map 1st edition

Product Description:
This book dissects Lee’s performance at Gettysburg. The author challenges the men who have tried to protect the Lee image over the years. Done candidly and with respect, this volume addresses many of Lee’s decisions and non-decisions which ultimately impacted the outcome of the battle.

Item# BB9
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Title: High Water Mark: The 1862 Maryland Campaign in Strategic Perspective
Author: Tim Reese
Notes: 71 pp., 8 ½ x 11 size, Photos, Maps, 1st edition, Wraps, Limited to 750 copies

Product Description:
The author argues the importance of the Crampton’s Gap battle as a turning point of the 1862 Maryland Campaign and also of the war.

Item# BB6
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Title: Letters of a Confederate Officer to His Family during the Last Year of the War of Secession
Author: Richard W. Corbin
Notes: 110 pp., Intro by Robert K. Krick

Product Description:
This is a reprint of an extremely scarce title which is judged by Bob Krick to be “...among the half-dozen rarest Army of Northern Virginia books; the most important single source for the curiously unrecorded military career of General Charles W. Field; and ... the best written and most literate book by any Confederate.” [from the new introduction]

Item# BB7
Butternut & Blue Price:

Title: “Over a Wide, Hot ... Crimson Plain” The Struggle for the Bliss Farm
Author: Elwood Christ
Notes: 247 pp., Photos, Illus., Maps

Product Description:
“...argues the case that the events at the Bliss Farm had a major influence on the outcome of the battle. This book’s value as a Gettysburg source is reinforced by its excellent maps...and appendices that examine numbers and losses.” Gettysburg Bookshelf # 19.

Item# BB8
Butternut & Blue Price:

Title: Twenty-Five Minutes of Fighting, Fifty Years of Controversy: The Gibraltar Brigade on East Cemetery Hill
Author: Gary Lash
Notes: 215 pp., Dust Jacket, Maps, Photos

Product Description:
“...looks at the role played by Colonel Samuel Carroll’s Brigade of Western troops...in the fight for East Cemetery Hill on the evening of July 2.” The author also examines “...the verbal sparring started amongst members of the Gibraltar Brigade and the Eleventh Corps units that began before the war ended.” Kenneth Williams, Civil War News

Item# BB11
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Title: From Mosby's Command: Newspaper Letters and Articles by and About John S. Mosby and His Rangers
Author: Horace Mewborn
Notes: 295 pp., Dust Jacket

Product Description:
One of the last frontiers for research on the war that raged across the American landscape from 1861 to 1865 is newspapers, both war-date and postwar. During the war soldiers and civilians wrote countless letters that were published in the daily and weekly journals. After the war the papers published innumerable articles from veterans recording their experiences, as well as their thoughts on how the war was fought or how it should have been fought. This book is composed of select letters that were published both during and after the war about John Mosby and his Rangers.

Additional titles that are either out of print or in low quantities:

White, The Civil War Diary of Wyman S. White (BB1)
Gilmor, Four Years in the Saddle (BB1)
Bigelow, The Peach Orchard
Reese, Sealed with Their Lives
Scott, History of the 105th Penna. Vol.
Winkler, Confederate Capital & Hood’s Texas Brigade
Bruce, History of the 20th Massachusetts
Waitt, History of the 19th Massachusetts
Craft, History of the 141st Penna. Inf.
Imhof, Gettysburg Day 2: A Study in Maps. (BB2)

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